Now we have projects in Laos, Thailand, Nepal and Japan. We help women ant youth get skills and make their business. Please check the detail of projects from following links.

    – Projects in Laos

Laos is our biggest project country. We have focused on Vocational education and training. We have had vocational education projects on sawing, cooking, beauty treatment, wood working, hospitality and so on.


– Projects in Thailand

We first started project in Thailand over 30 years ago. Now Thailand is well developed. But 30 years ago there are a lot of children who can not go to school because of money. Ethnic people and children whose parents are in prison are still in difficult situation. We help them go to school.


– Projects in Nepal

When big earthquake hit Nepal at 2015, we did emergency support. After this, we continue to support for women to get vocational skills.


– Projects in Japan

Our head office is located in Saitama, Japan. We do fund raising, hold cultural exchange event. We introduce culture and society of counties where we did project,