1. Donate Our Projects

You can donate women and youth to get vocational education and to use micro finance. In addition, you can build vocational education center.

  • Give Scholarship to women and youth
  • Give Microfinance Loan to women and youth to start their own business.
  • Build Vocational Education Center
🔳Donation by Credit card

You can donate to IV-JAPAN by credit card. Please write down the amount of donation and click “I’ll donate to IV-JAPAN”.

*Currency is Japanese YEN only.

*We only accept over 1000yen donation.

2. To Be a Volunteer

Volunteer Staff at Event
Volunteer Staff at Event

We are always welcome Volunteer staffs.  Volunteers staffs can do fund raising, advertising, managing exchange cultural events, to make new scholar projects and so on. The experience with us enhance not only to make your life rich but also to make a lot of people both in your county and developing countries happy.

First step is the most important thing in your life. Contact us, join us and make the world happy!!