1.Participation in  various international events

    In Japan, we participate in various international events. At these events.  We usually sell Laos goods and introduce our projects and Laos to many customers.  Besides, we have a lot of attractive activities, such as “Laos quiz” “Laos name card” “Trying on Laos traditional costume”. Through these activities, customers will feel how wonderful country Laos is.    

2.Cooking event of Lao food

Have you ever eaten Lao food ? Lao food is spicy, sour, sweet, and very good for our health. To tell the charm of such Lao food, We hold cooking event of Lao food. Participants are very pleased with this event because they can eat authentic Lao cuisine while staying in Japan. Some participants feel uneasy because they have never cooked Lao food. But, no problem! Our teacher from Laos and living in Japan teach you how to cook Lao food gently and politely.